Insert Hand Pun Here


Original Release August 2007

For EAI FPS Creator Weapons

69 Alternate Hand Textures for EAI FPS Creator “Classic” Player Weapon Assets.

Personalize your game with these alternate hand textures.  Also includes a UV template for making your own.

Texture Format: JPEG


  • EAI Official FPS Creator Model Pack 9
  • EAI Official FPS Creator Model Pack 10
  • EAI GCS Collection: Modern
  • EAI GCS Collection: Fantasy (unarmored variants)
  • EAI Official Model Pack 53 aka Task Force 341 (requires image editing)

click to view full size version

FPSC Instruction (MP9/10 and GCS Collection):

  • Exit FPS Creator.
  • Locate the weapon you wish to change the hands for in Files/gamecore/guns
  • Copy the new hand texture into the weapon’s folder
  • Remove (move to back-up folder or delete) the existing Hand_D.jpg
  • Rename your replacement hand texture to Hand_D.jpg
  • Launch FPS Creator and enjoy a new look for your hands.

Note: For EAI Task Force 341 (Model Pack 53) you will need to open the in your image editing software and then paste in the new hand texture to the appropriate location and then resave.

Price: Freedownload-now

Payment processing by PayPal.  Download managed by SendOwl.

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