Errant AI Reboots


Dear Person from The Internet,

Hello and welcome to the new official EAI Media webthing!

Ten years ago I left the professional game development scene to do my own thing.  It’s been an interesting adventure with plenty of joys and disappointments along the way.  I never realised how broke I would end up or how free I would feel.  If you are reading this as a past customer or fan, please know that you represent the best parts of my last decade!

When my old web domain expired, I wasn’t selling anything directly as I prefer to let a 3rd party reseller handle that sort of thing.  However, times have changed and after much mulling about, I’ve decided that it is now necessary for me to have an automated system in place.

The plan is pretty simple… Make my legacy FPSC Classic assets available here for purchase using PayPal to handle payment processing and  SendOwl to facilitate delivery.   This means that those assets will now be available for purchase 24/7 and immediate download…  No more troublesome manual processing.  Easy for you and easy for me!

To start, I’m going to keep things pretty simple and we’ll see where it goes.

I’m also going to keep things on the cheap until I am more confident this will pan out.  What that means, for now, is that there will only be a limited number of purchasing options available due to my low-tier SendOwl account and  you may periodically see ads on this site because this is hosted on a free WordPress account.  If things work out well, I hope to upgrade these things in time to make a better browsing experience for both you and I.

Currently, I am working on assets for TGC’s  Game Guru, available on Steam.  You can find my assets for Game Guru at The Game Creators Asset Store.  I enjoyed my time creating assets for FPSC and look forward to what Game Guru will bring.

Given that Game Guru will soon be supporting the ubiquitous .fbx format, I hope to expand into Unity later this year.  I have had several Unity customers and although they did not seem dissatisfied, I would like to be able to ensure that they are getting the best of what I can offer them and without the hassle of doing the file conversions themselves.  So, if you are a Unity user, keep an eye out for me!

Thanks for reading and I hope that you will come along with me as I continue this journey!


Jake Cotton aka Errant AI
EAI Media

May 2, 2016

4 thoughts on “Errant AI Reboots

  1. i know the time your first Fps creator modelpack… Revelotion 😀 thank you so much
    and iff you remind me 😀 i send you an emial some years ago there was a guy on turbosquid how selld your vweap modells from mp 9 and 10


  2. I have your weapons from MP9&10 and some out of TGC Store and like them very much. I installed Black Ice Mod and like the dual wielding feature a lot. Those from TGC Store have dual wielding capability, those of MP9&10 do not. I recognized the assets on your new media store site and wondered wether the weapon pack 9&10 now does have dual wielding or not. I would like to spend $5 as an update to get it- if thy do.

    Thanks for your answer in advance



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