EAI GCS Collection: Fantasy


Original Release 2008-2009

EAI Game Creator Store Collection: Fantasy

Fantasy Weapons for FPS Creator “Classic”

In 2008 I was really excited about the extra functionality that user-made engine mods for FPS Creator were bringing to the community.  In particular, Ply Mod’s addition of asymmetric dual-wielding  and other features which made melee and magic combat genuinely viable.  Unfortunately, for as much fun as I had making these, sales of these assets were abysmally low.  I had hoped of expanding the lineup to include a variety of ranged weapons but it didn’t seem worth the effort.  Why am I telling you this?  Well, because you can turn my loss into your gain!

Collection Highlights

  • Armored and Unarmored versions of most weapons
  • Supports FPSC mod-enabled asymmetric dual-wielding
  • Supports FPSC mod-enabled blocking mechanics (requires minor gunspec editing)
  • Multiple attack animations
  • Lowpoly world/pickup models
  • Plain and Fancy versions for 1H Sword and Warhammer
  • Includes spellcasting hands
  • Independent Hand and Armor textures can be used in many combinations
  • Unarmored Hand/Arm aesthetic compatible with MP9/10 and EAI TF341 weapons (requires texture swap)  See more options here.

Model Format: DirectX (.x)
Texture Format: Directdraw Surface (.dds), JPEG (for hand textures)
Download Size: 124MB

Note: The assets in this bundle use multiple textures for each player weapon model separated by weapon, hands and armor.  As such, these are incompatible with FPSC weapon shader use.  Only diffuse maps are provided for player weapons.  Normal and specular maps are, however, provided for world (pick-up) models.

Weapon List

  • 2-Hand Sword 1A (Common)
  • 2-Hand Sword 1AF (Common with  Gauntlets)
  • Axe 1A (Iron)
  • Axe 1A (Iron with Gauntlets)
  • Dagger 1A (Common)
  • Dagger 1AF (Common with  Gauntlets)
  • Sword 1A (Common)
  • Sword 1AF (Common with  Gauntlets)
  • Sword 1B (Ornate)
  • Sword 1BF (Ornate with  Gauntlets)
  • Warhammer 1A (Common)
  • Warhammer 1AF (Common with  Gauntlets)
  • Warhammer 1B (Ornate)
  • Warhammer 1BF (Ornate with  Gauntlets)
  • Shield 1A (right-handed)
  • Shield 1AF (right-handed with Gauntlets)
  • Gloves (default-medieval E02) unarmed
  • Gauntlets (antihero-black) unarmed
  • Gauntlets (default-grey) unarmed
  • Gauntlets (exotic-gold) unarmed
  • Gauntlets (heroic-white) unarmed
  • Gauntlets (mystical-purple) unarmed
  • Gauntlets (outcast-red) unarmed
  • Spellbook (Flak 1) Gauntlet
  • Spellbook (Raycast 1) Gauntlet
  • Spellbook (Raycast 2) Gauntlet
  • Spellbook (Raycast 3) Gauntlet


This collection is offered with “Pay What You Want” pricing!
That means that when you click the buy button you will be allowed to enter any fair price you wish… as long as that wish is for a buck or more.
Go ahead and grab these assets for a dollar if you like.  Are you the generous type and want to pay more?  I won’t stop you!

Min. Price: $1 USD

Payment processing by PayPal.  Download managed by SendOwl.
Asset License

3 thoughts on “EAI GCS Collection: Fantasy

  1. Not out of the box, of course.

    They can be made to mostly work with GG if you use BOTR’s weapon mender utility (search for it on the GG forums). Stuff like blocking and dual wield won’t work and the textures will probably look dark/wet if using the newer DX11 build.

    You should be able to get them to work in Unity if you know how to convert .x to .fbx, etc. Several other weapons from this period of time have been converted to unity by various users. So, it should be possible.


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