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    1. Short Answer: Yes.
      Long Answer: I haven’t yet set up a dedicated page for it but if you want to buy it, you can. The price is $29.99 USD and is non-refundable. Please note that it doesn’t include any bonus content added by TGC (done by their in-house artist). Files included are formatted and prepared for GameGuru DX11. Model files are provided in .x format. Textures are in .dds format (Color, Normal, AO, Metalness,Gloss,and Illumination if needed). Audio files are in .ogg. As with other assets sold on this site, the “EAI GG ENHANCED WEAPON PACK” is sold “as-is” and you will be on your own for any needed conversion to other engines GameGuru DX9 or other versions of GameGuru released prior to the DX11 update. Please ask if you have any questions about what is included before purchasing. Here’s the sendowl transaction link:


      1. Hello! Sorry for using google translate. Can you buy model pack only in X format? I once bought your model pack for Game Guru, but it cannot be converted to FBX format, or at least to 3ds, not one program can cope with this, animations break. There is, of course, the Ultimate Unwrap3D Pro program, but it costs $ 60 and not the fact that it will recode. Is it possible to buy FBX or 3D models from you?


      2. Unfortunately, only X format is available at this time. The idea of offering different formats is something that I plan to further evaluate in the future but I do not have a set plan for it.


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