Panther A.I. Module for Task Force 341

Panther AI Module for TF341 by Kimuru

This great third-party add-on for TF341 will help users get the human characters into GameGuru and provide AI routines which are superior to GG’s stock AI while also making use of many of  the additional animations which are unique to TF341.

This is much more than a simple porting of assets to GameGuru!  Much work has been put into both the Panther A.I. Combat Core and the 341 Module which supports these characters specifically.

Panther AI is a product of Kimuru and is not directly supported by EAI Media.

This product has been presented on EAI Media as we feel it may be of interest to owners of the EAI Task Force 341 asset pack.

For more information about this product, check out the Kimuru Website HERE or their thread on the GameGuru community forums HERE.


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