3D Embedding Tests and Teasers


System Spec. Requirements for viewing embedded 3D models

Nothing here is final.  I’ve been using the p3d.in service (poor-man’s Marmoset Toolbag) to help me learn about creating textures for advanced shaders.  These are some of my initial tests.  These will be updated and more will be added as time goes on.

3 thoughts on “3D Embedding Tests and Teasers

    1. Thanks. I would like to have a few makeshift weapons in my collection. Seems to be a popular thing with survival type games and they are fun to model/texture because of the mishmash of materials.


  1. Looking forward to making some purchases. Really great looking stuff… might you have any western weapons in the works, ie bows, six shooters, Winchesters, that sort of thing. What might be eta of some of the old revamps to game guru?
    Keep up the nice work.


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