1. User is granted Non-Exclusive, Perpetual, Royalty-Free License of Purchased Assets for Personal and Commercial use in Game Development, Print Design, Film, Television or other Creative Uses.

  • Plain English Translation:  Assets you purchase here can be used for your games or other creative projects.  Royalty-Free and indefinitely for as many projects as you like.

2. No credit or attribution is required for usage or performance of Assets.

  • Plain English Translation:  If you really want to credit me you can but you totally don’t need to.  If you do decide to credit me, then “Additional Artwork – EAI Media” will suffice.  If you use these assets to make something wholly socially unacceptable, I would prefer that you not. When you complete a project using my assets feel free to drop me a link.  I dig seeing my stuff in the wild!

3. Assets remain the property of their author(s). No transferal of ownership is given or implied by purchasing assets from this site.

  • Plain English Translation:  You are purchasing the rights to utilize the provided assets in your creative works.  You are not purchasing the assets themselves nor any additional rights which may be required to perform the assets or their derivatives as a part of your published works.

4. Assets or Derivative Works may not be sublicensed, resold or redistributed as individual assets or as part of a collection or as a component of any game creation software or as a component of open source software.

  • Plain English Translation:  Don’t try to sell these on Turbosquid or other 3D vendor sites (Yes, this has happened).  Likewise, don’t alter the model or rig another model to the animations/hands and then try to sell them as game assets (Yes, this also has happened).
    If your project consists of making a game-making engine/platform in which end users will use it to make their own games, this usage license does not permit using assets as “stock/included media”.

5. Assets or Derivative Works may not be transmitted to third parties except as part of the development process for collaborative projects as described in Section 1.

  • Plain English Translation:  Swapping files back and forth between team members while you make your game is totally cool.  Uploading them to pirate sites or forums for anyone to grab is not.

6. Assets are provided As-Is.
FPS Creator “Classic” assets are compatible with FPSC v1.17. User is responsible for any necessary file conversion or alterations needed for compatibility with earlier or later versions of FPS Creator or for use in other game engines (GameGuru, Unity, UE, etc.).

  • Plain English Translation:  You are on your own for converting models from .x to .fbx or whatever other alterations your project may require.  Likewise, if you are using a very old version of FPSC or a very recent engine mod for FPSC you may need to alter .FPEs or other settings files for things to work correctly.  Same goes for those wishing to use these assets in Game Guru.   I will not be making updates to any legacy media to support unified texture mapping for shaders or other features added since they were authored.

7. No installer provided. Downloaded Assets will be provided in compressed (.zip or .rar) archives.

  • Plain English Translation:  There is no installer because it unnecessarily complicates things for users of different engines or for users who wish to be cautious about any files being added or overwritten. You will need to manually install these assets into FPS Creator before you can use them.  It’s not difficult.  The archives already contain the necessary folder structure.  You can extract the archive into its own folder and then manually moving files bits at a time or YOLO it by unzipping into the root of FPS Creator and allowing the folders to merge (Windows will warn you if there are conflicts). Keep in mind that certain assets will not be available in the editor or will not work correctly until restart the program.  It’s best to not have FPSC editor running when adding files.  It’s always a good idea to have backups of your original game component directories (gamecore, entitybank, etc.) when adding new media.  Things can certainly break if you are careless about manipulating game files.

8. Assets are digital in nature with no physical product being offered.

  • Plain English Translation:  The artwork for sale on this site are only digital representations of things.  Not actual things.  Nor are they offered as hard copy on disc, usb drive, etc.

9. Any likenesses of digital Assets to real or fictional physical objects, brands, trademarks, trade dress, persons or other entities are purely historical, satirical or coincidental.

No affiliation, endorsement or infringement with existing or future brands or persons or other entities is implied or granted upon purchase of these Assets. The User is independently responsible for the acquisition of any external permissions necessary for the performance of works utilizing the provided assets or derivative works thereof.

  • Plain English Translation:  If you use my G22 asset and label it in-game as a GLOCK or put their trademarks on it without independently obtaining their express approval and then GLOCK Inc. sues you for infringement, it’s not my fault.  While I do strive for a sense of authenticity in my work and enjoy a bit of parody now and then I will never knowingly sell you an asset that will land you legal trouble as-provided.  I do not knowingly use real trademarks on any assets but users should be diligent in verifying that their published works will not place them in legal risk.

10. User relinquishes EAI Media (Jake Cotton aka Errant AI) from liability for any harm or loss arising from use or misuse of Assets by Users or End Users.

  • Plain English Translation:  In the unlikely event that your computer blows up and your house burns down while making a game with my assets, it’s not my fault.
    That probably won’t happen.  Probably.
    If you perform these assets in a manner that violates someone’s IP, it’s not my fault.
    If you make an ultra violent game using my assets and somebody’s mom sues you, it’s not my fault.
    If you already have some of these assets and you made customizations to them which get overwritten while merging new files, it’s not my fault.

11. User relinquishes EAI Media (Jake Cotton aka Errant AI) from liability for any harm or loss arising from use of third party services used on this site to facilitate payment or delivery transactions.

  • Plain English Translation:  If PayPal or SendOwl gets hacked and your info gets stolen it’s not my fault.  I’m not in this to rip anybody off.  If there is an honest problem with the transaction and there is something I can do about it, I will do what I can to make it right.I have provided these  “Plain English” translations in hopes of clarifying and demystifying the legalese.  I am not a Lawyer.  I have never sued anyone and I have never been sued.  I would like to keep it that way!If  you still have any usage questions, or need further clarification, please feel free to use the contact form.