EAI Model Packs 9 & 10


Original Release August 2007

Official FPS Creator Model Packs 9 & 10

Basic Modern Weapons for FPS Creator “Classic”

These were my first weapons for FPS Creator and although these early models may not represent my best work they do offer great value and variety.

Collection Highlights

  • 34 Animated player weapons (total includes accessory variants)
  • Lowpoly world/pickup models
  • Multiple ammo models for each weapon
  • Hand/Arm aesthetic compatible with EAI GCS Collection: Modern and EAI TF341 weapons
  • Includes update for FPSC v1.17+ code-driven (non animated) iron sights

Model Format: DirectX (.x)
Texture Format: Directdraw Surface (.dds), JPEG (for hand textures)
Download Size: 140MB

Note: The assets in this bundle use multiple textures for each player weapon model separated by gun, hands and accessories.  As such, these are incompatible with FPSC weapon shader use.  Only diffuse maps are provided for player weapons.  Normal and specular maps are, however, provided for world (pick-up) models. Some player weapon models have been optimized to remove geometry not seen by the camera.

Model Pack 9

  • 44SPCL (Snub)
  • 93R
  • 1911
  • AKM
  • G22
  • J22
  • Katana
  • M4A1
  • M203 SOPMOD-A (rifle mode)
  • M203 SOPMOD-A (grenade mode)
  • M203 SOPMOD-B (rifle mode)
  • M203 SOPMOD-B (grenade mode)
  • MCS870
  • Mk XIX
  • Model 442
  • MP5N

Model Pack 10

  • 44SPCL (Combat)
  • AK74
  • Brass Knuckles
  • Compact .45
  • G18 (full-auto)
  • JSCS Breecher
  • M4 CQBR (HWS)
  • M9
  • M16A4
  • M67FRAG
  • M107
  • M203 SOPMOD-C (rifle mode)
  • M203 SOPMOD-C (grenade mode)
  • Model 36
  • RPK
  • T5

Model Pack 9/10

  • gloves (unarmed 1)
  • Infectious Waste (unarmed 3) aka zombie hands

world models

No longer available from TGC but you can get them here!

Price: $5 USD

Payment processing by PayPal.  Download managed by SendOwl.
Asset License

2 thoughts on “EAI Model Packs 9 & 10

  1. Hi EAI
    I allready have model packs 9&10 and some of your weapons from TGC Store. I appreachiate your work very much and never ever would use any other weapon in a FPSC game of mine. I reacently installed Black Ice Mod and like the dual wielding option very much (those from TGC have, not so those from MP9&10). So my question: does this asset have dual capacity?


    1. MP9/10 will not work with dual wielding because the weapons are animated with two hands and will cause a visual glitch where the player can see three or four hands on screen at once. These assets were made well before the feature was added (First appeared in Ply’s Mod).

      The majority of weapons in my GCS collection (formerly from the TGC Store) will work with DW. Non-alt-fire/dual -mode MP53 weapons will also work. They include the required single handed animations and gunspec settings for function.

      Lastly, most (perhaps all) of the fantasy collection weapons will work with dual wielding (they were designed for it).


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