Game Guru Assets


I have been dabbling off-and-on with making assets for Game Guru.  As an indie game development engine, it still has a ways to go but it shows a lot of potential.  I currently have a little under one hundred assets available on TGC’s new Asset Store.  These assets, for now, have been limited to scenery props.

I will be adding several weapons once I am a bit more satisfied with GG’s weapon functionality.  You can get a sneak peek at a few new weapons and remasters of old classics here.  While they will be a good amount more highpoly than my FPSC stuff, they are much more efficient and generally only need four draw calls ( two for the arms and two for the weapon).  They are also all full 360-degree models meaning the FPS weapons can be utilized in more ways.  I currently have at least a dozen weapons (ranged and melee) which are pretty close to release but will require some minor bug fixes on the engine side of things before they can be put up for sale.

See more GameGuru asset related news here.

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